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  • Enjoy a Safe and Healthy Fall Season

    Get Your Flu Shot Autumn is the start of flu season, and doctors recommended everyone 6 months and older gets vaccinated against the flu. Learn more about flu prevention and the flu vaccine. Have No Fear! Halloween is Here Halloween is a fun-filled time for children, but there are many dangers associated with the holiday unrelated to ghouls, goblins and witches. Parents need to take the [...]

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    Wellness Tip Sheet: Soothing ways to ease stress (from Medica)

    Get tips to help you manage stress in a healthy way — so you can take on the day. Stress can show itself in many ways. When something stressful happens, you may feel anger, frustration, sorrow, disbelief, guilt or disappointment. You can probably add other emotions to this list. You can’t always control what happens around you. But you can become aware of how you perceive stress and [...]

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    What people can do to protect themselves from poor air quality

    Jesse Berman of the University of Minnesota School of Public Health answers questions about air quality in Minnesota, the health impacts of air pollution and what people can do to protect themselves from poor air quality. Talking Minnesota air quality with U of M July 10, 2019 Using the most current outdoor air quality data available, the Minnesota Department of Health and the Minnesota [...]

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