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  • Olu’s has identified employee engagement and satisfaction as an institutional priority. Employees were invited to participate in this survey to help Olu’s in its improvement efforts to build and maintain positive internal relationships. Employee’s honest feedback is critical to the assessment process. The survey was quick (approximately 5 minutes or less), confidential and easy! Employee responses will not be shared in a way that would allow the ability to trace answers back to a specific person. Thank you so much for your participation! Thank you for your participation. -Olu’s

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    Winter 2019 Employee Survey Results

    Questions asked:

    1. How engaged are you at work?
    2. Would you rate Olu’s work culture as positive?
    3. How likely would you leave for a 10% raise from another company?
    4. Has a supervisor given you very much recognition in the past two weeks?
    5. How valued do you feel at work?
    6. Would you rate your colleagues and team members as positive team players?
    7. Would you rate your direct supervisor has having overall good performance?
    8. How much opportunity do you have for professional growth in this organization?
    9. How likely is it that you would recommend Olu’s services to a friend or colleague?
    10. Do you think we service our clients well?

    Spring 2019 Employee Survey Results

    • 51 employees participated (a 325% increase from the previous employee survey!)
    • 94% of employees felt “very” or “very much” engaged at work
    • 77% of employees felt “very” or “very much” that Olu’s has a positive work culture
    • 61% of employees felt “very” or “very much” that they received recent recognition from their supervisor
    • 59% of employees felt “very” or “very much” that they felt valued at work
    • 67% of employees felt rated their colleagues as positive team players
    • 73% of employees felt rated their direct supervisors demonstrated overall good performance
    • 63% of employees felt that Olu’s offered professional growth opportunities
    • 69% of employees would recommend Olu’s services to a friend
    • 75% of employees felt we serve our clients well

    Based on a sliding scale of 1 to 5 (1 being “not very” and 5 being “very much”) as it pertains to employee work experience in the last year.














    Please contact the Human Resources department at hr@olushome.com with questions about this survey. Olu’s Home, Inc./Olu’s Beginnings, LLC./Olu’s LLC. (OHI) is an equal opportunity employer.