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  • Mai Moua, HR Assistant 
    Phone: 612-424-6179
    Email: mmoua@olushome.com

    Mai has recently join the Olu’s team on October 2019 and she work in the HR department with Beth as the Human Resource Assistant. A little about Mai is her family was originally from Laos where they had cross the Mekong River to escape to Thailand during the Vietnam War with 4 of her older brothers so they can come to the United States, in which a few years later Mai was the first child to be born in the US and also the first daughter of the family. Mai is also bilingual in Hmong and was born at HCMC and raised in Minneapolis, MN.


    In high school, she always take leadership by joining the Student Leadership Team. She also was a part of MAAP STARS (Minnesota Association of Alternatives Programs) where she competed with other schools within Minnesota and won top 5 for “Best Career Portfolio” at state champion. For the first few years of high school, Mai also has participated in Feed My Starving Children.


    In 2013, she started working in customer services for a few years and eventually worked her way up into the office environment as a Recruiter and Human Resources where she’s been doing the past 3 years. Mai is a mother of 4, she also have just given birth to her first son in July 2019! She is a very independent, motivated, and driven person not only to herself but to her peers too. She enjoyed working with many different diversity and cultures. She loves to give back to the community by helping others in the best way, as possible.


    What motivate and inspired her to do what she does every day is Family. After knowing that her mother and brothers come to the US with nothing to start a brand new life with no money or English speaking and having to struggle everyday as a single mother of 5 at the time. Her mother taught her to never give up even on the hardest days and to just keep pushing forward so she can keep growing as an individual so she can support her own family one day. So, having positive mind set is what keep her motivated and independent. Mai believed in strong woman leadership because it’s important to have a strong support system, when its needed. Mai have all the support she needs at home and at work and this is what encourage her every day to keep reaching her accomplishments.


    “My mother has always taught me to appreciate what I have in life, and that’s what I’m doing, appreciating what I have now because life is too short to go unappreciated with all the accomplishment I have made so far. Even if it wasn’t much.” – Mai Moua