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  • &quote;Navigating Disordered Eating During the Holidays&quote;

    "The holiday season is a stressful time of year for many people. From family gatherings to expectations around events and gift giving, the emotional stakes can be high. Given the emphasis on food and eating as being central to celebration across cultures, this can make for an added layer of stress and anxiety, particularly for those struggling with disordered eating." Read more via Psychology [...]

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    Wellness Tip Sheet: Soothing ways to ease stress (from Medica)

    Get tips to help you manage stress in a healthy way — so you can take on the day. Stress can show itself in many ways. When something stressful happens, you may feel anger, frustration, sorrow, disbelief, guilt or disappointment. You can probably add other emotions to this list. You can’t always control what happens around you. But you can become aware of how you perceive stress and [...]

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    Join the Olu's team!

    Olu's Home is hiring! Program Director, Executive Administrative Assistant (Part Time), Direct Support Professional and more. We are passionate about supporting our community and providing superior services to adults with disabilities. We are a purpose driven culture and derive enjoyment from knowing our work makes a difference! Our genuine empathy encourages our patient centered approach and [...]

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