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  • Hennepin Housing Key makes the connections

    Liz Hiatt, a provider of Corporate Adult Foster Care programs with Olu’s Home, uses Hennepin Housing Key to inform the public of housing openings within her organization.

    Liz appreciates Hennepin County’s forward thinking in creating Hennepin Housing Key. She thinks that a collaborative effort of referrals for AFC programs are a good thing.

    Liz says that before Hennepin Housing Key, it “was a grassroots process in who you knew to find openings, and case managers never knew where the openings were without first contacting the provider. Hennepin Housing Key gives applicants an ability to look themselves – and case managers aren’t the gatekeepers of AFC openings any longer.” Liz has worked in this field for about 20 years and oversees about 10 CAFC properties. She has had luck using Hennepin Housing Key in securing applicants for her open beds. In fact, she accepted a referral of someone from Hennepin Housing Key in April- who is still successfully living happily in her organization’s site.

    Chris Susag, Principal Planning Analyst of the Quality Improvement and Licensing Team with Hennepin County, says “Hennepin Housing Key is an excellent one-stop place to find housing resources, including Corporate Adult Foster Care openings. Having resources organized and available in one place makes it easier to find the resources that one needs and using the various filters makes sorting through those options more manageable.”

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